Custom Copilot Fx Broadband expression pedal splitter

expression pedal cv splitter

A pair of custom broadbands, this units allows to control up to 3 expression jacks  / parameter simultaneously and independently, and the range of each can be set by the user via the knobs, it was requested that the first output has an extra toggle for an inverted sweep (change the direction of the sweep based on the input) and have an extra CV out, so from one expression pedal or cv source it could sync up to 6 expression jacks / parameters (connecting both broadbands). With the inverted sweep it could create Fade In / Fade Out from 2 sources or ping pong pan effect.

Custom Broadband, expression splitter pedal

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Custom Broadband, 5 independent expression outputs with range and aux knobs, dual input cv/exp sources, which you can assign to each out via the toggle on each output. So you can run a step sequencer and a triangle lfo as the input sources and assign one of them to each out (any combination, all can run the same source or your can assign to taste, or flip back on the fly to the other souce) and set the amount of sweep on each output via the range and aux knobs. The knob on the side is to manually sweep/control when there is nothing plugged into the cv aux.