Copilot Fx Portal Blend Mixer Fx loop pedal with expression cv input

Copilot Fx Portal is a mixer / blender pedal / fx loop, giving the user the option to mix / blend the signal inside the loop (send / return jacks on top) with the signal coming in (dry), both signal paths have Their respective volume knobs (vol for the dry and loop for the fx loop), the range knob controls the amount of mix, at 0 (7:00) only the dry will be present, increasing the knob clockwise will start adding more signal from the loop until it gets full wet.

The range can also be controlled via a TRS expression pedal (it won’t matter the pot value) or 0-5v CV signals, adding functionality and range to other pedals and sonic possibilities.

The 2 right toggles, allows syncing the dry and/or loop to the range knob/exp. The options are as follows.

  • Dry toggle down / Loop toggle down: both signals will be in parallel and won’t react to the changes of the range knob/exp.
  • Dry toggle up/ Loop toggle down: only the dry signal will react to the changes of the range knob/exp, while the loop signal will be intact.
  • Dry toggle down / Loop toggle up: only the loop signal will react to the changes of the range knob/exp, while the dry signal will be intact.
  • Dry toggle up / Loop toggle up: both signals will react to the changes of the range knob/exp, allowing to fade in/out the signals.

The left toggle is to change the phase polarity of the loop signal

The volume in the fx loop is post loop, so it won’t clip/saturate the units inside. You can also only connect to the return jack on the loop, in case you want to mix/add radio signals, samplers, noise/bleep boxes / other instruments or want to add the unused stereo jacks on some pedals.


Copilot Fx Polypus Supreme

Polypus supreme is a tremolo pedal with a sequencer to control the rate or tap ratios, it features an all analog signal path and a tap tempo multi wave LFO. The sequencer has 5 steps (like having 5 rate/ratios presets), and the length can be set to 3, 4 or 5 steps via a toggle, the sequence rate is set by the rate of your tap, there are 2 modes of operations: Triggered mode, the sequencer advance to the next step every time you press the trigger footswitch (middle footswitch) or auto mode, where the sequence is always running. The LFO rate can be tap tempo or rate (like traditional speed knobs).


  • LFO and Sequencer CV outs to sync other devices (you can use both in bypass).
  • Reset toggle, allows resetting the sequence to step 1 when you are in bypass (to start always from step 1) or not (in case you want to use lfo and sequencer with other devices while in bypass).
  • 3/4/5 sequence length.
  • Hi and Lo eq knobs.

Copilot Fx Arrow Airwaves Supreme White Noise Genarator Pedal and more


The Arrow Airwaves Supreme, has 2 independent white noise voices, a tap tempo LFO and preamp.  The White Noise Generator (WNG) can be triggered / activated by the input signal, so there is white noise when you play, only when you don’t play or is always running no matter if you play or not. The dual independent voices allows for some rad mixes, one voice is processed by a bandpass filter, while the other is unprocessed. You can mix your instrument input via the preamp. The LFO modulates the volume of the preamp so you can get some lofi tremolo, modulates the filter cutoff for some waves crashing / wind blowing and the volume of main WNG voice.


Custom Copilot Fx Robotum Ring Mod pedal with etched case

copilot fx robotum ring mod pedalSo I got a request to build another custom Robotum, the artwork was acid etched for a post-industrial robot riot look. Dual carrier knobs for hi/lo ranges (it can get in fuzzed choppy/stutter tremolo sounds in the the low range), I added another toggle switch so you can change the voicing of the oscillation, which you can fine tune with the knob and activate momentarily with the first footswitch to send some messages to the space. Here’s a video of the first one done by oscillation overlord  I Error.

Custom Copilot FX Bandwidth CV splitter Pedal

cv pedal splitter

This is a custom 5 channel Bandwidth CV/Expression splitter, each out is a 0-5v CV output signal, it has 2 inputs 1/4 sources (CV in and CV aux) that are routed into each out via the little toggles (you can distribute as you want), the knobs allows control over the amount of sweep that will be going into the output (and the led will show the movement for a visual help), so you can sync multiple parameters movement from just one source. There is an extra toggle that bypasses the CV aux and enable the knob on the side for the tabletop enthusiast that also like to sweep manually in certain spots. For example if you have a sine wave going from 0 to 5v, you can fine tune one out to go from 2v to 3v sweep, while other is is just moving from 1v to 2v and all synced to the original sweep (so no longer you need to be ultra precise to manipulate those sweet spots).