Copilot Fx Brainzilla dual tap tempo lfo with sequencer pedal

Brainzilla this a dual independent tap tempo LFO with a step sequencer. The sequencer can be assigned to sync/change both LFO rates or tap ratios (sync toggles) or not (each one has its own speed/ratio knob). CV output for the sequencer (to control other devices) and CV jacks for LFO A and LFO B.

Toggle for sequence length (3, 4 or 5 steps) and trigger toggle to set if the sequence is always running or it is manually triggered via the middle footswitch, 3 dual color LEDs indicates which step is currently active. Reset footswitch to restart the sequence to step 1 and the middle footswitch also doubles to pause the sequence when the trigger toggle is in auto-advancing mode, CV input sync jack to sync the tap tempo to an external beat or you can tap twice the footswitch to assign the new rate.


Copilot Fx Arrow Airwaves Supreme white noise generator with custom Artwork

Arrow Airwaves supreme with custom twin peaks artwork (by request). The arrow airwaves supreme is an expanded arrow airwaves it has an lfo that modulates the volume of the white noise section and the dry section (so you can create a fade in/out of both signals), a tremolo white noise or lo-fi tremolo of your signal, also it has a bandpass filter to process the white noise (to get the wind type sounds), the lfo is tap tempo and the extra footswitch allows to turn on/off, the bandpass can also be controlled via expression pedal.