Copilot FX Broadcast triple independent out LFO pedal

Another variation of the Broadcast, this one has 3 independent outputs (2 TRS expression outs and 1 CV out, each one has its own range knob), it also comes with Expression/CV input to control the rate/ratio or manually sweep the outs, invert toggle to have the 2 exp out be synced or unsynced. The extra footswitch changes the output from lfo to the exp/cv in for the 2 expression outs, while the cv out has a toggle.

Custom Trek 10 knobber, pulse width fuzz and oscillation machine pedal

copilot fx trek pwm fuzz custom ped

This one was a request by a member of ilovefuzz, it is a super TREK, I like it so much i built 4, if you are interested email me $130 for the trek alone or $180 for the trek/broadcast combo (note that both the trek and broadcast are blems, they both have some slight scratches and were used).

The 10 knobber Trek, it has a dual parallel sound, side A is a hot overdrive/distortion signal so you can add balance/clarity to the overall signal, while side B is a pulse width fuzz, you can mix and match both sides to taste. The pulse width is similar to an square wave fuzz sound, but you can shape the on/off time of the wave via the range knobs, there are 2 range knobs which are linked to the second footswitch, so you can go from 2 sounds on the fly, it also has the gate and tone knob. The second footswitch also allows to activate the oscillation, in this version there is a OSC knob to fine tune the pitch, a 4 way rotary switch (the knob on the side) to turn off the oscillation or using 3 positions to fine tune the osc range (from high pitches to low tumbling pulses), 2 extra toggles one to add modulation to the osc and other to affect it’s tone. The knob on the top is to cut the fuzz signal to recreate some tremfuzz action. The second range knob also sets the amount of modulation to recreate the PWM tones. Expression/CV jack to add the modulation to the pedal.

Copilot Fx Arrow Airwaves Supreme White Noise Genarator Pedal and more


The Arrow Airwaves Supreme, has 2 independent white noise voices, a tap tempo LFO and preamp.  The White Noise Generator (WNG) can be triggered / activated by the input signal, so there is white noise when you play, only when you don’t play or is always running no matter if you play or not. The dual independent voices allows for some rad mixes, one voice is processed by a bandpass filter, while the other is unprocessed. You can mix your instrument input via the preamp. The LFO modulates the volume of the preamp so you can get some lofi tremolo, modulates the filter cutoff for some waves crashing / wind blowing and the volume of main WNG voice.


Custom Copilot Fx Robotum Ring Mod pedal with etched case

copilot fx robotum ring mod pedalSo I got a request to build another custom Robotum, the artwork was acid etched for a post-industrial robot riot look. Dual carrier knobs for hi/lo ranges (it can get in fuzzed choppy/stutter tremolo sounds in the the low range), I added another toggle switch so you can change the voicing of the oscillation, which you can fine tune with the knob and activate momentarily with the first footswitch to send some messages to the space. Here’s a video of the first one done by oscillation overlord  I Error.

Custom Copilot Fx Robotum Ring Modulator pedal

copilot fx robotum ring mod pedalAn oscillation connoisseur requested a robotum with the option that the carrier went into low frequencies so it can create trem type tones, along with the high frequency madness for robot-gonk tones. So this was created, the toggle sets the range of carrier frequency, it also has an extra knob to set the frequency, so it can tune it’s frequency in the high range and just move the toggle for another but lower freq range. But it didn’t end there, since he likes so much oscillation, there’s a momentary switch that activates/morph/transform the carrier frequency adding some subtle elements and not so subtle timbres, so if you press fast enough you can get some pseudo square lfo modulation of the carrier, crazy arpegiations or the sounds of cyborg whales.  I did some quick videos (for instagram, sorry for the camera movement).


Custom Copilot FX Broadcast LFO expression pedal splitter

lfo expression pedal

This is a custom version of the Broadcast, there are 3 independent channels, with the option that the output is the internal LFO or external CV input or expression pedal. Outs 1 and 2 have footswitches, while the the out 3 has a toggle to assign the desired output. The rate / tap ratios can be synced and controlled manually via the expression / cv in (has a toggle to disable this option), also the range of the out 1 can be controlled via the exp / cv in. CV out in case you need more outs.