Custom Copilot Fx Robotum Ring Modulator pedal

copilot fx robotum ring mod pedalAn oscillation connoisseur requested a robotum with the option that the carrier went into low frequencies so it can create trem type tones, along with the high frequency madness for robot-gonk tones. So this was created, the toggle sets the range of carrier frequency, it also has an extra knob to set the frequency, so it can tune it’s frequency in the high range and just move the toggle for another but lower freq range. But it didn’t end there, since he likes so much oscillation, there’s a momentary switch that activates/morph/transform the carrier frequency adding some subtle elements and not so subtle timbres, so if you press fast enough you can get some pseudo square lfo modulation of the carrier, crazy arpegiations or the sounds of cyborg whales.  I did some quick videos (for instagram, sorry for the camera movement).


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